I Am Nobody (IAN)

Aberrant, eccentric and weird – words that fits me perfectly. The “me” who is unknown to the world, the face behind that mask and the one that nobody noticed. That’s me. The Nobody.

The life in which I walk on is something I always thought as normal. But, then I asked myself, what is normal? Can it be defined? Does it have some standard? Who is normal? How can you become normal? What mask should I put on to be considered normal?

Did no one noticed the weird me or did they just turned a blind eye? Has anyone noticed how I shift from one character to another? Has anyone noticed the troubled me? Has anyone ever did look at me properly?

These thoughts lingered for so long. Going on over and over again in circles, it’s frustrating. Is this normal? Am I normal? What is normal? I’m scared of being alone. The strong act I put, I wonder if anyone saw the holes I purposely made. I wonder how many people I fooled and attached to me noticed?

I’m crossing my fingers that if you were to read this and I manage to be walking beside you, will you notice me? That fake smile, that made-up laughter, the pretend me, can you see the real me?